30.09.2013 - EM 1.76: compatibility update
Compatibility update of EM. Supported compilers:
  • Added support of Delphi/C++Builder XE3 and XE4
  • 15.12.2011 - EM 1.74: compatibility update
    Compatibility update of EM. Supported compilers:
  • Added support of Delphi/C++Builder XE2
  • 09.05.2011 - EM 1.73: compatibility update
    Compatibility update of EM. Supported compilers:
  • Delphi 3,4,5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010,2011(XE)
  • C++ Builder 4,5,6,2007,2009,2010,2011(XE)
  • 20.10.2010 - Fixed problems with UNICODE
    Fixed problems with corrupted logs for recent versions of compilers treating standard Delphi 'String' type as UNICODE.
    30.10.2009 - EM 1.70 is compatible with most recent compilers
    Compatibility update of EM. Supported compilers:
  • Delphi 3,4,5,6,7,2005,2006,2007,2009,2010
  • C++ Builder 4,5,6,2007,2009,2010
  • 12.02.2006 - EM 1.68 now supports Delphi 2006
    There's an updated version of EM. It was tested both with and without Delphi 2006 Service Pack 1.
    22.10.2005 - EM 1.68
    Minor modifications in initialization section (actual for C++Builder users only).
    29.04.2005 - EM 1.67
    Bugfix release. Highly recommended for all users with previous versions of EM 1.6x line.
    04.02.2004 - New domain and new hosting
    Please update your bookmarks and links. Our new (and hopefully) eternal address is http://www.dimusware.com.
    23.04.2003 - Time-out until May 4
    I'll be not available until May 4 via e-mail. Another news: I finally uploaded most recent ExcMagic 1.63 to ShareIt instead of toooooo old EM 1.51, so all new users (if any :-) will receive a fresh copy after registration w/o need to wait user's database upgrade to download it from this site.
    18.09.2002 - Exceptional Magic 1.63 now supports Delphi 7
    And don't forget to visit our newsgroup. It contains some interesting posts...
    07.08.2002 - Support newsgroup for Exceptional Magic
    Now we have a newsgroup dedicated to Exceptional Magic. Our special thanks goes to Joe Hendricks for idea and hosting! Welcome to:
    11.04.2002 - bugfixed tdspack 1.61
    Fixed bug: tdspack 1.6 sometimes crashes during optimization of TDS-files produced by C++ Builder. As usual, new version here.
    28.03.2002 - Release Candidate 2 of Exceptional Magic
    Sorry, everyone, to whom I hitherto have not answered. I have too much e-mails last month. I'll try to reply to all of them in next 1-2 days.

    Today news are:
    I've just uploaded new RC of EM 1.6. Main new change is compatibility with C++ Builder 6.0. Other changes are minor to list them here - everything is described in enclosed docs.

    Also, don't miss some sample applications (not included in archive with EM). Download these samples from ExceptionalMagic page.
    24.01.2002 - Release Candidate of Exceptional Magic 1.6 is available
    New version fixes all known bugs and includes new, improved TDSPACK utility. Demo version of EM also available. It has some limitations (see detailed info on ExceptionalMagic page.
    Sample applications will be available soon...

    Warning: this new version of EM is not compatible with previous versions of TDSPACK.
    31.10.2001 - Beta version of Exceptional Magic 1.6 available for private testing
    Good news! After a long pause we present a new version of EM. It's not a final release and available only for registred users for a present.
    New version contains some considerable changes: new improved stack tracer, completely new mechanism of 'exception filters' and other small modifications.
    20.04.2000 - Fixed version of Exceptional Magic 1.51
    Some bugs fixed. Some features added. As usual, download new version and see History of changes.
    18.04.2000 - Exceptional Magic 1.5 released
    A lot of changes - see link 'History' on ExceptionalMagic page. Other accompanying products (TDSPack,ExcMagicControl) also modified.
    03.03.2000 - New TDSPack 1.4
    New feature: If you want to minimize size of distributed debuginfo you can use tdspack with -n option (in conjunction with -o). tdspack will remove any information about procedures (and their names) from debuginfo. Resulting debuginfo will contain only source filenames and linenumbers that's much smaller and secure.
    25.02.2000 - Missed ExcMagicControl.* files
    I forgot to include ExcMagicControl.* files (non-visual component, front-end for ExceptionHook varible) in archive with demo version of ExceptionalMagic. Now it available in download section.
    18.02.2000 - Exceptional Magic 1.3 released
    A lot of enhancements in Exceptional Magic. New download section for registered users. New precompiled MegaDemo with sources.
    25.11.1999 - Exceptional Magic 1.2 released
    Now Exceptional Magic supports C++Builder 4. Also added capability to intercept exceptions in DLLs.
    06.10.1999 - New versions
    TDSPack utility released. Also available new version of ExceptionalMagic with packed debug information support.
    03.10.1999 - The beginning
    First public version of ExceptionalMagic Delphi unit released